“Джейн Эйр” – мюзикл Пола Гордона

Совершенно очарована мюзиклом Пола Гордона “Джейн Эйр”. Страстная, красивая музыка, поэтичные, выразительные тексты, эмоциональное, искреннее исполнение. Его премьера состоялась в декабре 1996 года в Торонто. Впоследствии мюзикл с успехом шёл на Бродвее и был неоднократным номинантом на премию Тони. Особое восхищение зрителей и критиков вызвала исполнительница роли Джейн в обеих постановках – Марла Шаффель (Marla Schaffel).

Я нашла обе записи и не смогла остановиться на какой-то одной из них. Они различаются даже не столько исполнением, сколько самим содержанием. В каждой из них есть номера, которых нет в другой, но даже общие для них обеих часто не совпадают по текстам. В записи канадской постановки есть прозаические цитаты из романа Ш. Бронте, но состоит она всего из 18 номеров, в то время как запись бродвейской – из 25.

К сожалению, я ни в коей мере не музыкант, поэтому просто выложу несколько ссылок и любимых цитат из либретто.

Music & Lyrics by: Paul Gordon
Directed by: John Caird
Book by: John Caird
Based on Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontе

Скачивание альбомов (с великолепного сайта http://www.jukebox.mndp.ru/):

Jane Eyre – 1997 Toronto Cast.zip
Jane Eyre – 2000 Original Broadway Сast.zip

Синопсисы и либретто обеих постановок на английском языке –
(Кстати, на этом же сайте можно найти либретто многих других любимых нами мюзиклов).

Цитаты из либретто постановки в Торонто:

Oh Mother, Father where are you?
Please tell me why you had to die
I want to be an angel, too
I pray that you will take me to heaven
Cry on my grave
Pray for the childhood
No soul could save
But if I’m to stay on this earth
God, let me brave
Let me be brave
Let me be brave
(Let Me Be Brave )

We are the children of God
But we find it quite queer
If we’re really His children
Why isn’t He hear?
Isn’t it clear?
We’re charity children
No mother or father
Just heavenly care
If God has so much
Why won’t He share?
(Children of God)

Is the mightiest sword
Forgivness of those you fear
Is the highest reward
Bless the criminal
You will learn it in time

My heart moves through his unquiet sea
I pray a wave will come and carry me
Closer to his troubled tide
Waters of his fury
But how can I swim this great divide?
Deep in my secret soul
I cry his tears
(Secret Soul)

Sympathies exist
Presentiments and signs
That baffle our
Mortal comprehension

To dream of to see
What seems not to be there

But such things exist
Things beyond this earth
Things beyond our sacred
Thoughts of heaven
These things are the things
That reason defies
But reason sometimes lies
(Dream of a Child)

If I had a string under my ribs
Knotted to you, connecting our frames
I’d be afraid that many a mile
Would sever the tie
And I would take to bleeding inwardly
Are you my savior, are you my saint
Protecting my soul
With communion and light?
Stand as my equal, be my reward
Slay custom and code
With love as your sword
Childish, slender creature
My hope of heaven lies
Inside your eyes
I hear you cherished voice
Across the moorland skies
Your youth and spirit fly us up to heaven
Open my window, drink from my well
Shower my bliss with your apricot smell
Are you an eagle, coming to nest
Or a swift, on the wing, with no need to rest?
Childish, slender creature
My hope of heaven lies
Inside your precious eyes
The flower of your heart
It blooms and never dies
Will I not guard and cherish you
As long as I shall live?
Will I not sanction you
With all the love my heart can give?
And I wash my hands
Of every youthful crime
Defy them all
God will give me time
And you will lead me, blind
(Second Self)

But why must I have eyes
To see you’re not there?
Why must I take one more breath?
Let lightning strike
That’s not the worst
I’d rather burn in Hell
Damning my sould to dwell
Lost in my pain
Than to live here on earth
Without my Jane!
(Farewell, Good Angel)

There is no more to hide
I have looked death in the face
And though a part of me has died
I will never lose faith
I will never lose heart
For you have restored my trust

And I know you’re afraid
I’m as scared as you are

But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love
And when I heard your voice
Beyond the sky
I knew it was a sign from God above
One I could not deny

So, gentle audience, I am now married to Mr. Rochester. No woman was ever nearer to her mate than I am, ever more absolutely bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.

The secret of the flame
Is that there is no more to hide
It cures our blindness
And our pride

And we’ll never lose faith
We will never lose heart
For you have restored my trust
And I know you’re afraid
I’m as scared as you are
But willing to be brave
Brave enough for love
(Brave Enough for Love)

16-Farewell, good angel.mp3 (Торонто)

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